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What do the Slovak banknotes and coins look like?

After the split of Czechoslovakia in 1993, the National Bank of Slovakia has introduced new banknotes and coins in 1993. Now Slovakia uses Euro currency.

All images of coins and banknotes have been scaled to the same size. In reality the size of the banknotes increases with the face value.

Duke Pribina (9th century AD)

Nitra Castle

St. Cyril and St. Methodius, missionaries to the Slavs (9th century AD)

Hands with old Slavonic alphabet "hlaholika"
and a medieval church near Nitra

"Madonna", woodcarving by Master Pavol of Levoca

Church of St.Jacob and Town Hall in Levoca

Anton Bernolak, linguist (18th/19th century)

Town of Trnava, city of churches

Ludovit Stur, codifier of Slovak language (19th century)

Bratislava Castle

Mons. Andrej Hlinka, patriot (19th/20th century)

Church of St. Andrew in Ruzomberok, Madonna

Gen. Milan Rastislav Stefanik, astronomer, diplomat and war leader (19th/20th century)

M. R. Stefanik's last resting place on Bradlo Hill

The obverse of all coins contains the coat of arms of the Slovak Republic.
Tower of the Devin Castle near Bratislava above the confluence of rivers Morava and Danube.
The Gothic wooden statue of Madonna from the 16th century (approx.)
"Venus", female statuette from the 4th millennium BC.
"Biatec", Celtic coin from the 1st century BC.
Decorated cross cast in bronze, from the 10th century AD

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