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What currency is used in Slovakia?

The official currency in Slovakia is Euro. In years 1993-2008 it was the Slovak Crown (Koruna). During your visit, you may change your money in any bank in Slovakia or use an ATM to get cash.

In the Czechoslovak federation (prior to 1993) the Czechoslovak Koruna (= 100 halierov / hellers) was used. As the country split in 1993, two new currencies were introduced: Czech Koruna and Slovak Koruna. Both Korunas had initially the same value as the old Czechoslovak Koruna. Due to different economic performances of the two heirs of the federation, the Czech Koruna became about 20-30% more valuable the the Slovak one.

As both countries joined the European Union on 1 May 2004, the march on the road to the common European currency has started. The Euro replaced the Slovak crown (koruna) in 2009. In Czechia still the Czech crown is used.

You are strongly advised not to deal with moneychangers in the street even though they may be offering you a favourable rate.

To get the approximate value of the EUR in USD, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD, JPY or any other world's currency, please consult our Currency Converter.

A gallery of coins and banknotes of the Slovak Koruna is available.

Slovak Koruna in other languages:

Slovak, CzechSlovenská koruna, Sk
EnglishSlovak crown
GermanSlowakische Krone
Frenchcouronne slovaque
Italiancorona slovacca
Spanishcorona eslovaca
Hungarianszlovák korona
Polishkorona słowacka

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