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Slovakia deputies in the European Parliament

List of deputies for the Slovak Republic in the European Parliament along with their political affiliation.

Slovak Republic has 14 seats out of 732 in the European Parliament. On 13 June 2004, the citizens have elected their representants in the first EP elections in Slovakia. Although the turnout was as low as 17 percent, which was the lowest in the whole EU, the vote was valid and the deputies could have been chosen.

There are 14 deputies in five parties. They are listed alphabetically with their whole name (first name, last name) including all Slovak characters. The plain English transcription is eventually in parentheses. The deputy's party is also listed. The parties are explained below.

  • Mr. Peter Baco, LS-HZDS
  • Mrs. Edit Bauer, SMK
  • Mrs. Irena Belohorská (Irena Belohorska), LS-HZDS
  • Mrs. Monika Beňová (Monika Benova), SMER
  • Mr. Árpád Duka Zólyomi (Arpad Duka Zolyomi), SMK
  • Mr. Milan Gaľa (Milan Gala), SDKU
  • Mr. Ján Hudacký (Jan Hudacky), KDH
  • Mr. Miloš Koterec (Milos Koterec), SMER
  • Mr. Sergej Kozlík (Sergej Kozlik), LS-HZDS
  • Mr. Vladimír Maňka (Vladimir Manka), SMER
  • Mr. Miroslav Mikolášik (Miroslav Mikolasik), KDH
  • Mrs Zita Pleštinská (Zita Plestinska), SDKU
  • Mr. Peter Šťastný (Peter Stastny), SDKU
  • Mrs. Anna Záborská (Anna Zaborska), KDH

The five parties are affiliated with different political factions of the European Parliament:

  • SDKU (Slovak Democratic and Christian Union) with 3 deputies is affiliated with European People's Party.
  • SMK (Hungarian Coalition Party) with 2 deputies is affiliated with European People's Party.
  • KDH (Christian-Democratic Movement) with 3 deputies is affiliated with European People's Party.
  • SMER (Direction) with 3 deputies is affiliated with Party of European Socialists.
  • LS-HZDS (People's Party - Movement for a Democratic Slovakia) is affiliated with no larger political faction.

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