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Map of Slovakia

A map of Slovakia with major cities, rivers and mountains as well as the road distances.

This simple map represents Slovakia as a country bordering to Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Ukraine. The names of all countries as well as their cities are in the official languages of their respective countries.

Map of Slovakia
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The 23 most populated towns are marked red/black. The mountains are marked yellow/brown.

The major rivers are marked lightblue. The Danube (Dunaj) river flows from Austria towards Hungary, Morava from the Czech Republic and forms the natural border between Slovakia and Austria; and the river Bodrog flows from Ukraine towards Hungary.

The grey straight lines with numbers are the approximate road distances between the cities. The values are given in kilometers (1 km ~ 0.6214 mi).

The distances to international border crossings are indicated as well as distances from the crossing to the nearest larger cities in the respective countries. Bratislava lies directly on the Hungarian and Austrian borders. Komarno lies on the Hungarian border. The thick grey lines are paid highways.

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