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How to find a phone number in Slovakia?

You know a person's name and town and you need to find her street and phone number? The free online phone book of the Slovak Telecom will help you.

If you need to find a phone number on the fixed network (no cell phone) of someone living in Slovakia? If you know her name and town/village she is living in, then just visit, the free online phone book of the Slovak Telecom.

If it is a private person, then click on "Residential Directory" and enter "Surname" and "Town" at least. You do not have to use Slovak special characters, so for example "Piešťany" becomes "Piestany" and "Bratislava" stays "Bratislava".

Very probably your searching query will return several names. Click on those you would like to examine. For each name, you will get the street and the house number (in Slovakia, it is written in the order "street number"), town and the phone number.

The phone number will be in the form xx/yyyyyyyy. The xx is the area code (Bratislava 02, Kosice 055, etc.) and the yyyyyyyy is the phone number in the town. If you are in the same town as the number you want to call, then dial just the yyyyyyyy). If you are in another town in Slovakia or you are calling from a Slovak cell phone (Orange or Eurotel), then dial the whole xx/yyyyyyyy as you see it.

If you are abroad, then you will have to replace the initial 0 by your international prefix (00 from Europe, 011 from USA, etc.) and the international code for Slovakia (421). So a number 02/12345678 becomes 00-421-2-12345678 if calling from Europe and 011-421-2-12345678 when calling from USA.

Many people in Slovakia have a cell phone (Orange or Eurotel). However, there is no public phone book of cell phone users.

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