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How to say ... in Slovak?

Yes is "áno", no is "nie". The list of other 354,239 words follows.

If you need to translate an official document or need an interpreter for a business meeting, then contact professionals, who will help you individually.

If you want to learn perfect Slovak, then marry a Slovak... :-)

If you need to translate only a few words, then a dictionnary may be of a help to you. It is definitely cheaper than a Slovak wife. Visit and do the following: In the menu "Slovník" (Dictionnary) select "Anglicko-slovenský" for translations English to Slovak or "Slovensko-anglický" for translations Slovak to English. Enter the searched term into the field "Hľadaj:" and select the maximal number of returned items (5 to 50). Then click on the button "Hľadaj" to get the translation of your word.

The problem of this dictionary is that you have to enter all special Slovak characters. If your operating system does not support this, then you will have to copy and paste the letters from the second column of the following table:

a acute á
a umlaut ä
c caron č
d caron ď
e acute é
i acute í
l acute ĺ
l caron ľ
n caron ň
o acute ó
o circumflex ô
r acute ŕ
s caron š
t caron ť
u acute ú
y acute ý
z caron ž

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