In the Year 2000

Translated from German newspaper "Pressburger Zeitung" from 22 March 1922.

German, French, Italian, Spanish and Slovak versions available.

Bratislava in the year 2000

The progress, that a man can foresee.

In 78 years, the year 2000 will come. Because the statistics say that every seventh newborn can hope to live for 78 years, there are young people in the villages and towns all over the world who will see that date that is covered by a mystical shine for the older people of today.

How will the year 2000 be? asks Paul Louis Hervier in "Figaro". The year 1000 was symbolized by a worldwide panic. The year 2000 will know just the signs of advancement.

In 78 years, the miracles of our time will look like child's toys. Our air transportation, our submarines which were just dreams and utopia in the time of Jules Verne, will experience improvements that will change them to comfortable means of transportation for the whole world, if even simpler means won't be found. In the year 2000, our beautiful locomotives, that seem to us today as powerful monsters, will be out of fashion, too, like the old post coaches of our grand-parents. The trains will be powered just by the electricity. The machines of all the factories will be powered by electricity, all the waterfalls on the Earth will be captured, maybe also the power of the wind, undoubtedly the power of the low and high tide, there may be the possibility to take the electricity from the air where it is also contained.

A scientist predicts that in the conceivable future the furniture will be done from a metal descended from Nickel - the "Nickelum" - and that this metal will be so light that a cabinet will be moved as easily as a chair today, and so cheap that those furniture will be affordable for everybody, and so cleanly that also the hygiene will be allowed more that today. Everything in the apartments will be electrical - powered, the kitchen, the oven, the dish-washing, and the human work will be reduced to minimum. There will be no crisis of servants.

A U.S. publisher sees a great improvement in the bookmaking. According to him, the pages will be made from nickel that will be so thin and light, that a book will have 30,000 pages that will be more flexible but also more resistant that the pages made from paper. Another American producer is confident that a suit will be cut, sewn and equipped with buttons by a machine that will be very exactly lead by the electricity.

According to the statistics, if the population growth continues by the same percentage, in the year 2000 there will be 14 million people in London, and 9 million in Paris. The streets will be done from "Nickelum" because this metal is harder and more durable and able to silence the street noise better than rubber. The shopping will be done with the help of underground moving sidewalks, or even small cars that will be moved in pneumatical tubes. The coal will loose its great price. The people will eat mostly synthetic products. An English scientist thinks that the earth will be not just the source of fruits and vegetables, but also an inexhaustible source of heat and energy. He believes that it will be enough to dig a hole of several kilometers and there find the heat needed by all the industry. The water in such a deepness will be so hot, that all the machines in the whole world could be powered by it.

However, all that are just the advancements that we can predict! How much will be shown in the fields that we even don't know!

© 1998 Miroslav Šedivý,