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Embraco Slovakia's factory in Spišská Nová Ves is the third site (after Italy and China) the hermetic compressor manufacturer #1 has established outside of its native Brazil, although it is the firm's first greenfield project. With 1,157 employees and an initial investment in 1999 of $45 million, Embraco Slovakia exports all of its production (23 million compressors annually) to Europe and the US, and has taken on some of the more labor-intensive parts of Embraco's Italian operation. Annual revenue reached 687 million USD.

"There is a general consensus at our company, after two years, that we made the right choice in coming to Slovakia. ... ... We are also very satisfied with the way people, and no doubt our employees, behave. They are very receptive to what we teach, and understand the information and use it in the right way. They follow rules very precisely, which means that our final products are of very high quality. We were able to achieve a result in terms of quality in less than
two years in Slovakia which took five years in Brazil and Italy. ... ... Embraco was not just looking for a plant in a low-wage site, but we also wanted to develop local suppliers not only for our Slovak plant but also for our Italian one. This kind of competitiveness that Slovakia has should be promoted. Western countries such as Italy have to understand that global competition is very tough, and western companies have to become competitive and remember that their competitive advantage in technology and quality is not enough to prevent them from disappearing. Technology and quality can also be found here [in Slovakia]."

Antonello Lanfranco, COO
Interview in The Slovak Spectator (Nov'00)