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Police crushed the right extremist movement

Thu 03 Nov 05, 08:07    RSI

The police were charged to liquidate the far right extremist party Slovenska Pospolitost and got three weeks to fulfill the task, said Jan Kopunek, a senior representatives of the party. He is also convinced that the latest steps taken against party representatives and partisans are part of this mission. The Prosecutor General's decision to ask the Supreme Court to abolish the party did not surprise Slovenska Pospolitost at all as they expected the step. However he is convinced the party will have no problem to defend itself at the Supreme Court. He added that all that upheaval around the party is a mere farce that was staged because the popularity of Slovenska Pospolitost is still growing and they are resolved to run in the upcoming elections.

Slovenska Pospolitost insists that the police acted at odds with the law when it searched its representatives' houses. It also alleges that two female partisans of the party were sexually harassed during the police questioning. A cemetery in Cernova near Ruzomberok and another three venues in Slovakia witnessed Slovenska Pospolitost NS gatherings this weekend. Following these ultra rightist displays of strength, Prosecutor General Dobroslav Trnka asked the Supreme Court on Monday to dissolve the party. The prosecutor general's spokeswoman said Slovenska Pospolitostís statutes, program, and activities violate the Slovak constitution and international agreements. The extremist Slovenska Pospolitost became known to the public after around fifty people from the party gathered in Zvolen on August 28 with the same number of sympathizers. On Zvolen's main square the organization's leaders made speeches calling the Slovak National Uprising a communist plot and criticizing 'gypsy parasites,' 'Hungarian chauvinists' and 'Zionist lobbyists.' At that time civil right activists of the People Against Racism called for the dissolution of the party.

This weekend in Cernova and also in Modra, Slovenska Pospolitost members handed out leaflets with the party program, which instigates xenophobia, anti-Semitic sentiments and questioning basic human rights and freedoms, of which the police seized 194 copies. Police dissolved the rallies and a police investigator has already initiated a prosecution on suspicion of the crime of supporting and promoting movements directed at oppressing citizens' rights and freedoms in the Cernova case. The police took party leader Marian Kotleba to Bratislava for questioning, however he was subsequently released. On the other hand two women detained at the Slovenska Pospolitost march across Modra were charged.

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