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Slovakia and Slovenia - What is What ?

In early 1990s, several new countries appeared on the map of Europe. Once large countries such as Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia broke into several smaller independent states. Two of them have quite similar names: Slovakia and Slovenia. By their natives, they are called Slovensko and Slovenija.

While Slovenia suffered of a war conflict, Slovakia separated from its Czech neighbor in a peaceful way. However, there are still many people who confound these two countries with very similar names. This small guide should help you distinguish them.

Below, you can find a comparative table with main features of both countries. You can also consult a small multi-lingual dictionary (over 20 European languages) covering terms on Slovakia and Slovenia.

Brief comparison of these two countries in English:

Short Country Name Slovakia Slovenia
Formal Country Name Slovak Republic Republic of Slovenia
National Flag
Location in the Central Europe map of Central Europe
A Hint... ex-Czechoslovakia ex-Yugoslavia
Capital City Bratislava Ljubljana
Local Short Country Name Slovensko Slovenija
Formal Local Country Name Slovenska Republika Republika Slovenija
ISO Codes SK, SVK, 703 SI, SVN, 705
International Road Sign SK SLO
Internet Top Domain .sk .si
International Sport Symbol SVK SLO
International Phone Code 421 386
Area 49,025 20,256
Number of inhabitants ~ 5.4 million ~ 2 million
Access to sea no sea about 50 km coastline
Currency Koruna (100 halierov) Tolar (100 stotin)
Time Zone CentralEuropean (GMT+1)
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