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Although Slovakia did not participate at the European Football Cup in Netherlands and Belgium this year, it will prepare itself very well for the upcoming World Cup that will be help in Japan and Korea in 2002.

Slovakia will compete with five other European zone teams to get the tickets for World Cup: Moldova, Macedonia, Turkey, Sweden and Azerbaijan.
02-Sep-00Slovakia vs. Macedonia2 : 0
07-Oct-00Moldova vs. Slovakia0 : 1
11-Oct-00Slovakia vs. Sweden0 : 0
24-Mar-01Turkey vs. Slovakia1 : 1
28-Mar-01Slovakia vs. Azerbaijan3 : 1
02-Jun-01Sweden vs. Slovakia2 : 0
06-Jun-01Azerbaijan vs. Slovakia2 : 0
01-Sep-01Slovakia vs. Turkey2 : 0
05-Sep-01Slovakia vs. Moldova4 : 2
07-Oct-01Macedonia vs. Slovakia0 : 5

Finally, Slovakia finished at the 3rd position and does not take part at the World Cup.